New Website

Our new website will go live tomorrow, Monday 9th March. It’ll go dark here for the short while that takes place.

The new website should have all the basic content, and a little bit more, but there’s still plenty to add, including lots of new site-specific features as we go along.

The forum will look slightly different — and will be updated again some time in the near future. The shop will be the same old shop, but that will be replaced in the second phase of this redevelopment.

Many thanks to Paul Drummond, who designed and built the site for us. Some of you will know Paul from his illustrations and cover art for Interzone. If you follow the link above not only will you get a sneak preview of the new TTA website but you’ll realise that Paul is also a world class web developer.

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Messages in Black Static 9

No panic just the ads again. Here are BS 9’s links ready to click.

Way of The Barefoot Zombie
Way of The Barefoot Zombie by Jasper Bark
The Words Of Their Roaring by Matthew Smith
Anno Mortis by Rebecca Levene
I, Zombie by Al Ewing
All part of the Abaddon Books Tomes Of The Dead series

World Horror Convention 2010
WHC 2010 panorama to be held in Britain, in Brighton, with Tanith Lee as a Guest of Honour.